Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#SocialShapeUp: Building Networks

PRO-FRIENDS or Property Company of Friends, Inc. is a company that has long seen the potential of the internet especially of social networking and of the power of bloggers to influence and help companies. Next year they will be celebrating their 15 anniversary.

They have provided bloggers an event and wonderful venue - Romulo Cafe in Makati. With a wonderful weather and warm welcome the event started over with good food provided by Pro-friends.

"Great morning!" is how they started their program after lunch. It's a weird greeting at around 1 PM but the positive vibe and the honesty of their words makes up great for such a greeting. With big smiles and information about the company.

I like the way they presented their company without being annoying or even too much in your face - please promote us as much as you can. I like that they started to really meet bloggers and to make friends of them. true to their words and their name.

There is also a lecture on the use of social media that tried to be honest and short about the whole idea and is useful for both bloggers and Pro-friends.

If you are interested about Pro-friends please visit their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It's also my lucky afternoon because I won from them a two thousand pesos gift check.

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