Friday, November 22, 2013

Royal Heritage Postal Tour (November 17, 2013)

This time I have taken more pictures of the tour. This is for your eyes and things and the people of the tour, of course there are places again I have forgotten to take pictures of but was covered by other tours.

Post Office
National Press Club
Puerta Isabel
Plaza Mexico
Maestranza Walls
Plaza Espana
The Manila Collectible Company
Bahay Tsinoy
Manila Metropolitan Theater

I also took pictures of cats and kitties along the way. There are tons of them on the streets.

These can be found at the back of the Metropolitan Theater.

November is Stamp Collecting Month

Some tools for a stamp collector.

Kitties at Liwasang Bonifacio

This one found a warm spot.

They may be old but they are here for the auction or bourse. 

Calling on item like stamps, coins banknotes, postcards, etc. 

We still have telegrams to this day. Soon none... 

Historic flag pole of the Philpost

National Press Club

Donations for Yolanda victims.

The most traveled monument in Manila.

Plaza Mexico and its graffiti. 

A random kitty appears.

A president needs his guard.

Huge poster for a Catholic event.

Intendencia (or Aduana) ruins... still under restoration.

This cat likes some petting as well. 

Maestranza Walls

It's a Sundog but all I see are cats.

This Mom is tired.

Charice excitingly talks about treasures found at the Manila Collectible Company.

TMCC features local artists and products. That is awesome!

Delicious drink but alcoholic. 

AWESOME is the word!

Paper mache dolls.

I call the hanging thing a jellyfish. lolz

Bahay Tsinoy gives to Yolanda victims

This electic fan is like the MET for some werid reasons

Every Postal Tour I stand here and wave at the LRT.

It's falling down... crumbling...

The repairs done to the stage by Juan dela Cruz?

Damages are still there

Orbs are dancing by the stage.

Maybe next time you would like to join us. You can ask questions here.

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