Saturday, November 23, 2013

Collector's Night at Philpost

When I read the invitation for this rare event, I was shocked. Rare eh? This might just come once in a hundred years or so. It also says in the invite that it's a rare event.

So I called many times before the date because you needed to confirm and darned it was quite hard to call. But is worth the effort.

It's a wonderful and interesting gathering of philatelists in Manila and some nearby places. The farthest was from Quezon province.

The event is hosted by the postmaster general Josie dela Cruz and the rest of the Philpost. The event's special guest is former President Fidel V. Ramos, who remains a good proponent of stamp collecting and of having a positive outlook in life. He is just so full of energy.

FVR was so willing to sign all stamps, FDCs, postcards, etc for all the collectors. And he indeed signed a lot of items. I pitied him so much but at the same time admired him the more.

I love FVR's humor. It's getting better and better.


WWII veterans are also collectors.

He sang lots of songs for us.

FVR also registed like the rest of us.

Postmaster General Josie dela Cruz

FRV signed all that was ut on his table.

FVR has some funny lines to say about everyone.

I hope there is another Collector's night! 

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