Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What I hate about most blog give away and contests

My question about blog promos
OK here is a blog giving away something you really want and you eagerly open their page on how to join. Now you read the mechanics and its like a quest on a RPG game. You need to follow the blog, like the Facebook page or even join a group or be friends with the blogger, don't forget that you also had to follow the rest of what ever social media he is using (the list can be endless), and then you will be asked to either post and tweet about the prize or whatever shit he/she wants you to say on your social media account.

But this only and most of the time just qualifies you to be one of the lucky winners of the so called contests and at the end of the day with all the effort you have gone through the prize might not still be in your favour since talking about the so called contest also called the attention of more people and a potential for this blogger to get more followes and thus more clicks.

I fucking hate it. If you wanna give away something just make it easy and simple. Maybe ask them to just follow your Twitter (please just one social media) and maybe just tweet or post once and that's it.

Joining a blog contest is way harder than doing lotto. In lotto you just a ticket and that's it, with blogging there is more and you just can't stop asking yourself what else I need to do to just fucking win.

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