Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hope After Faith by Jerry DeWitt

Hope After Faith by Jerry DeWitt
Or as same people always say how can you have hope when you no no longer believe in God? Personally I have no problem with such a situation, because one proof is that I am still alive today.

Although it's been actually debated for a long time on what is the purpose and if you like the telos (τέλος) of existence or life. I (and I am not representing all atheists, this is just me) think that life has to mean what ever you want it to mean. It can be your cat, your family, your beautiful partner anything.

So while listening to the past podcast of Seth Andrews (on the Think Atheist Podcast) as he interviews ex-minister Jerry DeWitt, I was amazed on how he was able to manage to deal with leaving a life as a minister. And we all know that pastors and Church leaders are living the life (Well maybe not all of them).

He has came out with a book titled "Hope after Faith" and is surely available everywhere in most places except my Catholic country where many interesting books from all over the world never seem to come. I blame this on the limited reading genre Pinoys are engaged in. Well maybe I will get a copy online somewhere.

So my simple answer to the question, "Is there hope after faith?" I say, "YES!"

Download the podcast here.

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