Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Grandmother's Night Prayer

She taught me this when I was small.

Sa ngalan ng Ama, ng Anak ng Espiritu Santo. Amen.
(In the name of the Fatther, and of the son, and the Holy Spirit. (Amen)

Jesus, kaming matutulog,
bendisyunan yaring loob,
na huwag kaming matakot
sa anumang bungang tulog.
(Jesus , we who will sleep
grant you bless our soul
so we might not be scared
of any bad dreams)

Hesus, Maria, Jose
Iligtas kami sa panganib
(Jesus, Mary, Joseph
Save us from Harm)

The rest of the prayer I have already forgotten. I am sorry for that. Also take note of the interesting vocabulary used. I translated loob as soul or many it is spirit. And the most interesting part is the one about bad dreams (masamang bungang tulog) which quite literally translates as bad fruits of dreams.

Praying to Ceiling Cat

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