Thursday, August 8, 2013

Childhood Games

When I was younger playing means going outside. Despite being an interovert the sounds of kids playing outside was more plesant than what kids are doing these days. Going to internet cafes or just staying at home being rules by this thing called the computer game.

When I was younger elders discouraged us from playing anything that requires you from staring too much onto a screen and just scald your butt on for hours of sitting. The adults had a great distrust with anything that is called video games and at that time it was the arcade games of Street Fighter and so much more. The dying days of Atari games and as well as the family computer games as the age ushers us into the CD games and beyond.

I played piko, langit-lupa, any running game, taguan, Chinese garter, bahy-bahayan, and so much more. I feel bad for the kids these days who just play computer games and RPGs and those geeky stuff.

Or maybe I am just an old fart ranting about the good old days. Like I even ever enjoyed those games, because I am always out of the picture with games.

My favorite game was the one involved using bottle caps and cigarette wrappers.

The good old days

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