Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Christian words

I often hear people swear with Salitang Kristiano (Christian's word) as if what they are going to say next will be divorced from lies and deception. At work I often hear this from only one person, whenever she wants to say something and no one believes him.

I think an honest person doesn't need God to back up his words. Your words alone can justify what you are saying. It also makes the peson less credible for me when he had to use someone like God to make a point. Most of the time I think he is lying when he says such. It makes me even furious when he uses that phrase even when he deliberately making a lie.

Like the saying in Tagalog, "Ang salita ay sumpa. (Words are promises.)" we should say true to our words so that whatever you say makes you unto what you are and thus more credible.

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