Monday, May 27, 2013

Star Trek and the Geek Out Cry

Life is gratuituous! Deal with it!
So the new Star Trek movie is out and I have no idea what the actual title is. Nope I am not even going to check. I am not interested.

Anyways, people were shocked by the gratuity of the underwear wearing woman in the movie. They say it has no value in the movie while most people are fine with it. Maybe one of the reason they are now going to watch the movie.

Anyways the only people complaining about the scene are the Star Trek fans. Yes those Star Trek fundamentalist that makes this francise look like a sacred scripture or something.

Life is full of gratuity most of the time. Live with it, geeks and nerds a like.

Fuck you and I don't watch Star Wars an Star Trek. I rather watch an orgy of naked men cornholing each other.

Guardian link: here.

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