Monday, May 27, 2013

How I celebrated my birthday this weekend in 2013

I hate my birthday most of the time because usually its full of memories so bad I don't want to talk about it and for years I never had a birthday celebration that normal people have. You know you call your friends and family at your house have food and be happy.

Well I have no many friends and I know for the fact my relatives hate me. I don't have a decent family either because my mother left me to father who is more worried about how to get money so he can gamble and waste it. I don't have also a home even a proper place where I can call my own. I was just like the cat the family owned and can be always moved around here and there. But at least they kept me out of pity that I have their stupid blood in me. Come to think I don't think I never been part of their blood either.

Anyways so waking up quite late on a Sunday in noisy Manila. I can hear the neighbors complain about the noise. A child asking her Mom for food and all the normal noise of Manila except for that for my special day I have not heard any cussing and bad words. I suddenly felt lucky.

So I went out quite late because I was waiting for some of the downloads to finish at around past 12. No dinner just some juice I had made last night with real orange bits, I went on the LRT 2 Fureza station, paid 13 Pesos and then went down Cubao. Another winding walk thorough Cubao just to make it to the MRT 3 Station going to Makati. Damn I hate people they are just blocking the way everywhere.

I made it In Ayala station because I was quite hungry but then I remembered the time and I don't want to be late. I needed to go by Dreams Yarn Shoppe at Glorietta 5 for knitting needles. Fuck I miss Makait, you can buy lots of shit in here compared anywhere else in the Philippines. I checked out their store and saw the knitting needles but still asked for help since I was looking for a set of knitting needles.

I noticed I was the odd one out there. There were some Korean girls and a Chinese woman there looking at yarns. Most probably for crochet. They have no set of knitting needles and I need to buy each size of needles separately. It's hard to decide and there are so many options. I decided not to buy anything.

On the side note since the opening of the new part of Glorietta, most of the Gloritetta 5 mall is like a ghost town, though there are signs (for future stores) and some stores open, the area feels dead and dark.

Moving along the way snaking through the underpass going through the Ayala Triangle I suddenly forgot the  location of the Filipino Freethinker's meet-up. It's good that I asked Ralph on my way there. So I asked around while trying to map the place on my mind.

I arrived at least around the area at 2, so I am early. I dropeed by 7-11 to buy some chocolate soymilk. For some weird reason I had to see the rest of the store and I saw postcards. I was like really? Yeah it was postcards... for 10 pesos for two postcards. I bought lots of them...

Then I went to the place. It was a small old condo at P. Burgos and Kalayaan. It was owned by Adam who is also the owner of a wonderful ice cream shop. I was early but we have a good number of people in his place.

The meetup was quite boring. We talked about politics, boring. And some there was the thing app for gays I think it was Hornet or something, kinda interesting. We talked about the elections, boring. There was 3D printing of guna as well as the new Star Trek thing as well, way boring.

After the pictures were taken I gave and took Grants number. And then went to my old place in Makati, where I used to live. I was just there to get my postcards and to see the cats.

I asked for my postcards and then immediately looked for the cats. I was not minding what they were saying. I was just mad for being there and all the things they have done to me.

My hear breaks when I go there and especially when I see the cats. Since it was my birthday I bought sardines for the cats, Pokpok and Fred. They are so skinny that it makes me sad and mad at the same time. My aunt was trying to talk to me and give me things but I refused everything.

I watched Fred and Pokpok eat because I know Fred will eat everything and not leave anything for Pokpok. He is such an eater but he has learned to growl while eating. This means he is fighting just to eat. Heartbreaking. I had to make the choice of having Fred and Pokpok live with me in Sampaloc which I am really scared of doing since I know the people there are idiots.

So I went to SM Manila to eat my meal of the day. I went to Bodhi and ate something. Posted on Facebook something about the day and then bought 2 packs of lao po pia (sweetheart cake).

Then I went to the place where I sleep and keep some of my stuff and suddenly the lights went out damn. How am I going to drink this Pop cola and eat this lao po pia for my birthday? Good thing it went back and I celebrated my birthday with that while playing Red Alert 2. Yes that version becuse I can.

Then I slept at around 3 am. What a day!

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