Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last night after McDo

So it is our payday. What an abnormal day to get paid. We get our pay every 10th and 25th for the weirdest reason a company can have and I have not even bothered understanding why.

So its been a tradition for some people to eat out on payday. Another stupid tradition that is for some weird reason I enjoy, the eating part that is, not the paying part. So we decided to eat at McDo to kinda celebrate that we still have a fucking job and that we got paid in time.

We went to McDo in El Pueblo. There were lots of Indians there. My friend said "Bakit ang daming 3 Idiots dito? (Why are there so many cast members from 3 Idiots here?) They were kinda noisy speaking in their language. What ever that is!

I ate my french fries (not vegan at all) but what can I do? My friends ate their dead animals too while the Indians are talking their shit like they own the place. So we also talked about life, well mostly the people at work. The annoying people at work.

After that we went home. It was kinda late and its was very hard to get a bus. So I was trying my best to connect to the net as usual. After 20 minutes of waiting for the bus a person at my back said that my backpack was open. I looked and it was indeed open. So I closed it.

For some weird reason when I got on the bus my gut feelings went nuts. I check and I found that my camera case with new batteries were gone. Damn! They stole my new batteries. I have not even used it. That pissed me off. Then I was like also. Damn! Good thing I didn't put the camera there. My camera was safe at home.

I checked my bag for the missing camera case but it was not there. I was thinking of this incident as I go home. Where did it get stolen? I think it was between the time we went out of work until the time I learned it as I was waiting for the bus.

Then fuck! I also put my hard earned salary there. My iPod too... It seems the idiot took only the camera case with new batteries. I still have my money and my precious iPod.

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