Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jesus is my Idol

This isn't about how I love Jesus like those Jesus freaks are. I just came to me one day when I was looking at his cross.

I mean staring at his body I just realised how well sculpted his body was. I mean compared to the images of the Buddha which shows him with a pot belly. Jesus always is portrayed with six packs and no love handles. I mean if I want a model to have a good body why should I look else where since my God is also working his abs nicely.

If Jesus were alive today he would be a gym favorite. Imagine asking Jesus to spot you on the bench press. Or telling your friends that Jesus was your gym mate.

Kidding aside maybe its with keeping with some Biblical or artistic inspiration why Jesus is always portrayed with such a beautiful body. Which I always envy. Thats why Since that Sunday I have sworn that Jesus will be my idol. Someone I can immitate, even with just his body.

Also even if Jesus is interpreted in many ways and forms in every continent. From a black one to very pale ones. From skinny to very muscluar types. It never moves me more that even in such a state he was willing to do such a thing-die. If Jesus was indeed a hunk it puzzles me why the canonized gospels never mentioned him being followed and loved by so many women.

Nevertheless my goal to have a good looking body is inspired by none other than Jesus. Now, if only I could continue with his other aspects.


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