Monday, April 28, 2008


Greetings! And welcome to my blog!

My name is Philip Reyes, 26 years old, and single. (That was a lame start!)

I was born May 26th, 1981 (so I guess, you know where I got my name). I was born to this world alone and will probably die alone (but I hope not).

I live in Makati with my annoying neighbor with their pesky little kids. I love animals thats why I have a cat and 3 others (cats) with a dog. I prefer to be with animals because they have caused me more joy than being with humans. Don't get me wrong but I would I like humans too, I just select carefully who to be with.

I admit that my relationship with people (both sexes) are complicated. Most of the guys have been harsh with me, with exception of the few. Girls are fine as long as we don't stick together too long. Either way I always manage to get myself stuck in every relationship.

My elementary years (even preschool years) was about chasing dreams and believing that life will better for me. I just embraced life to its fullest and took in all it can give, happiness and sadness.

High school came as a wake up call. Because I learned that life was unfair and that I was not smart at all. My grades were bad compared to my ounger years and the teasing became more harsh and personal. But I enjoyed High school still with its ups and downs.

College years was a drag because most of my school mates are girls. I thought it would be fun but all they talked about was about boys and "girl stuff." I was so bored that I was doing a lot of extra-curricular work. I volunteered with a lot of organizations, and even studied sign language just for the fun of it.

After that I continued doing volunteer work until I started working with a bank. It was both rewarding and fun though a bit hellish somethimes. But it was definitely a good time. With my boss and officemates. It was a good family to have. One I never had.

Then I came to this school for Koreans at first it was hard then fun and then hard again. That's life. Cool and plain crazy!

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