Sunday, March 6, 2016

It's time to send your body to the zone at The Footzone Spa at Greenhills

There are places that we always go to but then again we also tend to pass by something. I have been to Greenhills many times to buy something or just to go to meetups.

Well maybe because I don't really go to for a foot spa.

So I went to the zone. I mean the Foootzone.

The front seems to me very simple but what is inside is much better.

The front desk is a good place to start your day. You will be greeted by their professional staff as if you are in a hotel.

There are seats where you can wait. The details and the small stuff are quite good.

They would offer you warm tea as well.

Well placed art work is a plus for me.

The earthy feel of the place. Looking new despite being in the business for 15 years already.

On display are some of the tools they use for their services.

This is a closed area of the Footzone but it tells a lot about the place to me. They do their own linen, towels and other cloths. And this area is clean, unlike some laundry and cleaning areas of some places. Another plus point!

The Footzone can accommodate to about 42 clients at the same time.

Here is the room where you can avail of their full body massage. Again the hotel quality is so evident.

With two showers and a sauna. What can you ask for more?

Then you can go with your family or a group and get your foot spa or whatever awesome service they have.

Some of the essential oild and salts they use for their services.

This place is good despite not trying anything yet. Good people. Great service and the place is superbly clean. No wonder this is also a favorite of some celebrities. But of course I won't name them because I believe that celebrities need their privacy as well. And here I am glad that is respected.

Next time I will try their service. A man's feet and body they say deserves some paper and care once in a while.

Here are some of the services and more
Foot massage
Acupressure therapy
Air hammer massage
Cupping theraphy
Hot stone therapy
And they can do your nails well if you are a lady into that.

Follow them on their Facebook page; here

G/F Richbelt Tower
17 Annapolis St. Greenhills,
San Juan, Metro Manila
+63 (2) 705-1301/726-7742
+63(921) 498-8889
+63(96) 261-6626

Operation hours:
Monday to Sunday
1:00 PM to 1:30 AM (Last call: 12:00)

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