Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Quezon City Experience or the QCEX (Quezon Memorial Circle) Part 1

This is the newly build Quezon City experience or QCEX for short. It's an interactive and new way at looking into the rich history of the former capital city of the Philippines.

Here is a rock that starts it all. Manuel Quezon tried to dream of a new capital city of the country and it all started when he was sitting on a rock.

Then there is a replica of the Presidential office with interactive tables where you can look at pictures of old Quezon City and its famous landmarks.

The windows show what you might see in the Presidential office, that is of course in Malacanan.

Then there is one part of World War II in Quezon city. The famous white lady at Balete Drive. They say its supposed to be of a woman abused by Japanese soldiers and left to die. The story has many versions and this is the version told here at this interactive museum.

There is a gallery featuring the works on many well know architects in the country as well as their buildings found in Quezon City. The replicas are well done and show interesting details about such structures.

Quezon City had housing Projects that are still recognizable by names like Project 8 and so forth.
They made a sample of what housing was during the 50 and the 60s. They are quite decent to the ones we can get now. Fucking condo units. These are fucking house and lots!

Life in the city cannot be complete without the jeepney. It's a story in and of itself. The signs inside and out. The music and the language we use in it. There is also the places where it can bring us.

Quezon City being a big city has also lots of schools and Universities. It has a significant number of student population.

It even has this replica of a typical place where students hang out and spend their meager or sometimes big allowance from Mom and Dad.

Of course a city is not alive with business and indeed there are many significant business that grew out of Quezon City. And there are loads coming.

They took out some memorabilias from once famous places now defunct. I am sure you will recognize some of them if you are bit older.

A city has its problems and the Museum wants to address them as well in art installations. Simple and meaningful discussions about education, housing, poverty, health and pollution.

Then there is this overload of info-graphic about the many baranggays in Quezon City and the origin of their names. Some places have interesting names.

That was the last thing I took pictures of. The last part was a film presentation that I would show you on part 2 of this trip.

The Quezon City Experience or QCEX is still improving on their facilities and exhibits. The staff are amazing and knows a lot about Quezon City.

It's an open secret and the Museum is for FREE until this December but they might start charging on January.

The Quezon City Experience or QCEX is located at the Quezon Memorial Circle.

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