Tuesday, September 22, 2015

36th Manila International Bookfair

It's that time of the year again for me to buy postcards and to drool at nice books. It is always good to go early on such big events. There are less people still and there are no fucking annoying stupid cosplayers. Yes, I fucking hate cosplayers.

Entrance fee for the MIBF is just Php 20.00

There are rows and shelves of books everywhere. There are textbooks, technical books, tons of religious books and even hobby books.

Here is an exhibit of 3D printers and other science stuff. They are priceless so I guess they are expensive. One thing I notice that products in the fair without a price are sold as is and is quite expensive.

The new fad these days are adult coloring books. Fancy and over expensive coloring books that bring nostalgia to many people who say they are stressed or just plain bored.

Even Christians are taking the chance to make their very own coloring books. What's the difference? They just added some Bible verses and there you go.

There are tons of Christian books at really cheap prices. They sell like hotcakes compared to the adult coloring books. Which makes me think of "adult" coloring books but that would be too crazy in our hypocritical Filipino culture.

There are still books for good prices for the not so religious people as well carried by big names like National bookstore and Fully booked.

And the Christian books for children are so cheap going as low as Php 5.00. A good deal if you want to raise your child as a Christian. Good material for an atheist teaching his/her child about the wrongs of religious indoctrination.

There is still one stall selling comics. Too bad its not that popular as the Christian stores are.

Tahanan books is something of an odd thing at the fair. Their products are funny and innovative. They also sell postcards.

From time to time you see the slow transition of people to electronic at the fair showing how materials can also be accessed by your mobile devices.

Rex bookstore comes up with another interesting display of masks and headgears.

There is this stall that sells interesting books.

Then my fave place like last year is this from Book mark. Postcards for Php 1.00. I just bought some and the designs they have this year are not the same from last year.

I wonder what is inside. I think I was too early but early is always good. Less annoying people.

See the program and the mass has not yet started. All of whom I give less than a shit.

Interesting display of books.

And there are Bibles once more from the cheap to the most expensive.

More adult coloring books. Now I am still looking for the real adult stuff that the nuns and priests roaming the place will find immoral. Yes, there are tons of religious people in this place.

A different kind of reading materials from the Mabuhay temple. Something different from all the Christian stuff you can buy.

The annoying Wattpad books are still there but lost its power as compared from last year. That is good news. less of these crappy shit literature.

Despite the name International bookfair. There is a little indication that it is international since many of the bookstores and sellers are local. Very few foreign stalls and that makes me wonder all the time.

Here are some vegetarian books but the person in charge is no where to be found.

I made it around the place twice in less than an hour. It's great because I saw everything new and less annoying people.

The only mascot here looks like an indication of the bad state of Filipinos taste in reading.

See you next time again!

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