Monday, January 12, 2015

What does it feel to be robbed?

It was just another night of going home. I was quite sleepy when it happened.

A group of thugs took away my phone but that was the only thing they took away from me. It was past 2:00 am I was already tired and sleepy by the time we reached Buendia. I was listening to the music of JJ Lin.

Half-unconscious of things around when the robbery hold-up was declared and knives and for me a ice pick. I just gave my phone in a hurry. But I was more worried for the ladies beside me.

When the thugs went down I immediately told the driver to drive to the nearest police station.

And so we did. We told the story over and over the police station. I pity those people the guy who's things were taken and the ladies who was there on the jeep just to get her husband from the airport.

Like in anythings I was not hoping for the crime to be solved. I knew from the first moment that things will never be returned but reporting the incident matters the most.

The police told us the most striking thing about reality. That indeed we cannot do anything unless the police patrol deployed at the area would be able to catch the drugged youth.

I had to stay at the station for sometime and then reflect upon karma. I should not be thankful at all or even saddened. I think this should be a learning experience and I need a new phone.

Here is the police report we are given copies of:

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