Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day 9th until the 16th of the stupid Starbucks challenge

Honestly its kind of tiring to post all my rants about Starbucks or maybe say something nice once in a while. So bear with me because there would be lots of rants.

Day 9th

I wonder why is it sometimes that whenever I order the same thing, the barista assumes that I will order the same shit. Sometimes I am too lazy to say no or just pissed that I can only nod.

Day 10th

I am glad today fuckers. I am done with the Christmas drinks. Honestly the Toffee nut Latte and Christmas Cookie Latte taste the same to me. Most of the time I do away first with the things I don't like so I can buy the things I want.

Day 11th

Now I just bought Cappuccino, the nice things about the SB planner challenge for me is that my intake on caffeine has lessened. Maybe its because I became conscious on how much I am wasting on coffee. I used to buy budget packs and drink 5 or more cups everyday.

Day 12th

What is valuable for you is often what defines you. No wonder many people want to be seen having an over priced coffee in their hands. It's the same fucking cheap coffee no matter what shit you tell me.

Day 13th

When I buy coffee I stay away from other people, the way I stay away from people anywhere. I hate it when people assume they will get their coffee before you. At least Starbucks gives its serving in a proper way. Some people think they are the priority of the joint.

Day 14th

A friend of mine bought coffee and gave the sticker to me now I have one less coffee to drink. It's a fact that I really don't need to drink this coffee and just buy it directly from a store manager like what some people do. Last time I asked is that it just costs 1000 pesos a few years ago. Talk about cheating big time.

Day 15th

One of the best thing I like is to put cheap bread with this coffee. I love sacrilege.

Day 16th

Friday and this is the second to the last. I would get the planner soon and post it as proof that any idiot can get it. Not special, nothing. It's just a fucking planner.

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