Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Joy of Urban Farming (Quezon City Memorial Circle)

Yes, weirdly enough there is an Urban Farm in the heart of Quezon City. It's called Joy of Urban Farming. I will let the name there sink in and you know who made this project go. Politicians in the Philippines like to add their honorable names on anything.

Anyways the idea is simple. Encourage people to plant their own food. But like any wonderful government project I bet none of you have heard of it's very existence.

But I am a living proof that it exists. You can actually ask help and advice from their farmers about how to start your very own farm using recycled materials as pots.

Looking around the area it seems promising until I found the skeletons in the closet.

Now I dare you look into the skeletons that I saw. If you see the skeletons then you know that this project is in need of more promotion and more honesty.

What is the JOY of Urban Farming?

1. To have an alternative source of food and to alleviate the number starving people.
2. To encourage gardening and to give enough nutrition.
3. To additional means of earning money and the same time job opportunities.
4. To aid in the care of nature.

The JOY of Urban Farming was launched last September 27, 2010 and it continuously gives free training, free seedlings and the build-up of "seedling banks" to encourage people on farming.

For more information contact the office of the Vice Mayor:
Ground Floor., Legislative Building, Quezon City HAll
Trunkline No.: 444-7272
or send an e-mail at

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