Thursday, August 21, 2014

VC Trading (Cubao's haven for knitters and crafters)

It is quite uninviting to go to crafting stores that have big gowns as display in front for a guy like me. But I got the better of me and saw beyond what the store can offer. Or maybe its just my homophobic Catholic brain working. Whatever.

I prefer this display as an invite to future crafters and clients for this store. I have bought knitting needles here but most of what they have are double pointed needles, single needles and some round needles. The choices are quite few but can be of a great help for guys who want to learn knitting and other crafts.

They have stacks of different kinds of yearns, you just have to ask for some assistance from the staff. Some staff are familiar with knitting while some may not. Just ask around for help.

I took ugly pictures from my last visit and the only decent ones are the one showing their bamboo round needles. They also have steel round needles.

But since this is the Philippines crochet (gantsilyo) is the most known craft since the Spanish period and people often confuse crochet with knitting. Thei crochet materials are much better compared to their  knitting materials. They also have round and straight looms for your knits.

Interested to learn a craft? I can tell you about knitting and also crochet since I am learning that too.

VC Trading,
2F Farmers Plaza, Araneta Center, Cubao, Q.C.
Telephone: 911-1911, 912-8213, 861-8184 Cell: 0922-831-3481, 0918-929-5923, 0918-923-4883
Store Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM, Monday to Sunday

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