Friday, August 15, 2014

Orchidology 101 (Day 2)

Day  two of Orchidology 101 happens at OB Montessori through the help of its founder Ms. Preciosa Soliven. She welcomed everbody to her school and even talked about how she runs her school. Even her teachers are there to support her. 

Mr Ray Ong started day 2 of the lectures with pests and diseases. Of course there are reasons why orchids just die like that. One of them could either be pests or diseases.

I learned that when an insect bites into a plant that wound could be an entry point for diseases. I will not enumerate the different pests because I know you can read the pictures of the slides I took. No need for me to be redundant.

But honestly if your plants are healthy then the chance for disease are very low.

You need to make sure of three things to avoid pests on your orchids:

1. There should be air movement.
2. Plants should have a good supply of calcium.
3. You need to clean about your surroundings.

That alone will make sure that pests from other plants will not hop on your orchids and infect them.

Mr. Ray Ong also talked about the benefit of using the so called Cuatro options for plants. Structures made of the said framework can withstand strong winds and even storms that frequent our country.

There is also a lecture on how to propagate and make your own formula for your specific orchids. The picture slies are from Indonesia (I think).

Here he shows how to make your own keike paste. With his skill in chemistry on the formula as well.

The live plants are also there as better visuals for the points he wants to address about pests, nutrition and other things.

Since this also the last day an apprciation was given to Miss Preciousa Soliven from the Philippine Horticultural Society.

I learned a lot and so much that I cannot evenpot about it in just one article. Mr. ray Ong really knows how to make things simple and yet technical.

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