Saturday, August 30, 2014

Few of the things I hate about Rizal

Jose Rizal is considered the national hero of the country despite the fact that there is no law that says Rizal is the national hero of the country. But the problem is compounded by the fact that many books in school say that Rizal is the national hero.

I hate Rizal for the idea he represents to many Pinoys. He has become a deity and is indeed worshiped  by some cults as god.

Rizal is also used by many Pinoys as the ideal Pinoy while Maria Clara somewhat symbolizes the woman. Both an insult to our already shameful existence as a nation without identity.

Again I hate Rizal for making philosophizing look bad. The character Pilosopong Tasyo is the very reason many people say, Huwag kang Pilosopo! (Don't reason out!) As if reasoning away is such a bad thing. ‪

He said that loving on'es language is important but as he aged he forgot what he said and just wrote in Spanish.

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