Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Who wrote the Bible? by Richard Elliot Friedman (on bargain)

I am almost out of money and then I went to National Bookstore in Megamall. It's one of the places I go to. Then I bought some pineapple hopia from Holland. Too bad they didn't have kundol hopia.

After that I passed by Powerbooks to look at magazines. So far nothing interesting. I browsed without thinking through their bargain books then I saw this book. "Who wrote the Bible." The fuck I read this book for free from a PDF file I got online. I grabbed it and paid for it.

"Who wrote the Bible" by Richard Elliot Friedman is the common's man guide into the origin of the Bible. It presents the scholarly facts that was gathered concerning the authorship of the Bible without the crap most Christians put in the name of their religion.

It talks about the documentary hypothesis and how each of the first five books of the Bible were created. It's a must read for everyone since many people are still blind about their Bible and just assume everything they hear in Church is real.

Who wrote the Bible? by Richard Elliot Friedman

I am re-reading it again with much more gusto.

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