Thursday, July 17, 2014

Typhoon Glenda and French music howling at my ears.

Of course I was quite skeptical again of PAG-ASA and its compete on delivering real weather news. Despite the so called modernization that AbNoy claimed as his project, many people were still clueless.

But I have work and I have a task to do.

Actually I never cared much on what is going to happen. I as listening to French songs as the wind and the rains raged. The power went on and off like the many bad services most Filipinos get from the government.

Here are some of the songs I listened to:

Of course there is the stupid rants of my office mates on how bad the storm is. As if they have never seen a storm ever in the country.

I just put on my earplugs and drown in French. Besides why should I worry and be shocked about a storm during the monsoon. That is just nothing!

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