Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Musings last week during the typhoon

Waiting is sometimes boring and often times we feel that it's not worth it. You want to give up and someone says just wait another day. You heart is heavy and footsteps get lost in the way. You run for something and yet nothing happens. It seems you and I are going to wait for an eternity.


Who wants an eternity alone? Would life go on or stop when you found someone? Are things easier or harder if you get on the same ride? Should I worry about you or I should let you do the worrying? If I like things that you don't should I change or we just let things be? How can I not stay mad at you despite the fact that I have all the right for such? Maybe life is just full of regrets and things to hope for and now the mind rages with things one cannot even answer and some ideas cannot be expressed.

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