Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Sunday of Art, History, Heritage, Trees and 38 degrees of heat (May 18, 2014)

It's the International Museum day once more and I am off to the Ayala Museum. Too bad the Museum has one downside. Np pictures are allowed. even taking this picture of me registering for the event was high discouraged but at least they didn't erase the pictures as some asshole places will do.

After a quick lunch at the Landmark we went with to the Pot Office late but we saw the group there with the rest of the participants. It is indeed a hot day. Later that week I found out that during the tour the temperature rose to 38 degrees. No wonder I felt like a wilting plant.

Second stop is the Metropolitan Theater. I didn't take luc picture there. One thing, I did as a tradition was to wave at the LRT trains. One participant told me, "So you were the guys waving at the LRT."

At least I made an impact on my own.

Then we went to the Arroceros Forest Park. The place is such an ugly site. And made uglier by the presence of the DepEd Manila Offices. It seems DepEd needs some education on how to take care of a forest. Their so called forest. What a disgrace of a forest reserve!

This is the saddest Forest Park in the world. And why would put fucking put pavement in a Forest Park? Where is the logic in that?

The park give you a clear view of the Pasig river and it floating trash and swimmers. Who says swimming in urine and shit infested rivers are bad? And the question why is there no more dead bodies floating in the river like before? lolz

The now rarely seen Golden Mosque of Quiapo usually covered by the rising skyline of Manila and its ugly buildings of lifeless blocks.

DepEd were given custody of some taxidermied animals. Now they just fukcing rot like shit.

The groups takes a rest from all the heat.

Our group were put into two groups and we were left at the MET and then was told to follow. I assumed it was the Juan Luna building and then went there.

I think I made right choice.

Then off to San Nicolas for sinner. We even saw a procession for the Sto. Cristo de Longos.

The original relic found by Chinese in a well in San Nicolas. 

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