Thursday, March 6, 2014

Things The Church should give up on Lent

It's lent once more and the Church asks again of things for us to give up. Well good leadership is one that is able to show and practice what it preaches.

I think the Church needs to give up somethings as well. Here are the few things the Church should abstain from:

1. Gay hate - God is love and loves all of creation. If God created gays then they also deserve some Christian love.

2. Altar boys - Sex is sweet and so do young innocent boys but please try to do some sacrifice and give those tight butt-holes a rest for 40 days.

3. Politics - We know you have lots of opinions in life and politics can be such fun but please try to be a bit more serious with things like teaching the fundamentals of the faith to the laity.

4. Showbiz - Who doesn't want the glamour of showbiz but I think it's better for the Church to just stick with Jesus and his saints.

My list is shorter from the ones you ask from us so don't complain about it.

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