Thursday, March 6, 2014

Open letter to the Philpost

Dear Philpost,

Good day to you!

I hope you get my letter after you update your status post on Facebook and tag friends on your selfies. I am just one of the few remaining letter senders and stamp buyers.

I am glad that you guys have decided to update your stamps with better designs and implements but I have one complaint. Your stamps are becoming so expensive.

I know you are trying to better the designs of the stamps of our country to compete with the worldwide market but the price is not even that competitive and considering the designs of other countries and what they can offer we are still far behind and have no right even to raise the price.

Our New Year stamp for the Year of the horse costs Php 200.00 while the one from Australia just costs AUD 0.60 (Php 24.15) and AUD 1.80 (Php 72.44).

The Vatican also issued a more collectible and cheaper versions of the stamps compared to the Philippines. Once more the Philpost is selling the Pope Francis stamps for the amazing prize of Php 200.00. The Vatican stamps only cost Eur 0.70 (Php 42.91), Eur 0.85 (Php 52.10), Eur 2.00  (Php 122.59) and Eur 2.50 (Php 153.24). And that still way cheaper than what you at the Philpost is going to offer.

We collectors would go broke just buying stamps. And do remember friends at Philpost that once we go out you guys will slowly go down since we know that the public has a really low perception of the services of the Philpost.

So please for the love that is all good Stop making your stamps fucking expensive!

Sincerely mad here,
Vegan Bigot

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