Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Megan Young stamps at the PHLPost

It's another fun filled episode and drama I had with the PHLpost this Monday. I arrived before 8 AM at the lobby of the Post Office for the event. 

For starters I am not a beauty pageant fan but for today because of my hobby I am covering the said event. 

At the time I stepped into the building everything was still being propped up. A clear indication of not being prepared. They are still busy putting chairs and tarpaulins here and there. Then I read the event happens at 10 am. I say its better early than late. 

I also went to the Philatelic section and tried to sneak up on what is ahppening. They were just stamping stamps to be sold. Anther late preparations. After a few minutes I decided to buy the FDC and envelops so I can have them signed later.

Despite being a special guest Megan Young showed up for the event early. She just waited in the car as the program was about to start. She had the full support of the Miss World -Philippines and the Miss World pageant. She was beautiful in her simple dress.

The problem I got for this event is that everyone seemed like flies crowding over her but all through out she maintained her smile and grace. It seemed nothing to her that people are crowding over her. She just posed and smiled. I got pissed with the people who took the opportunity to take pictures of her for themselves. I jut took pictures and then was satisfied. I am not the only person taking pictures.

The program was supposed to be as simple as most stamps are but being in an unorganized and unprepared event for a beauty was a facepalm moment for me. Megan Young deserved some respect.

The mot annoying people during the event surprisingly are the PHLPost employees who seem not to care about decorum and etiquette as long as they take pictures of Megan Young. They were also at the forefront of the noise and commotion. I face palmed once more.

The Postmaster Josie dela Cruz gave a wonderful speech for the stamp launch which was well received by Megan Young herself.

Even the media people were quite pissed at some of the people who just kept standing here and there taking pictures. No proper security was given to Megan Young from start to finish.

Megan Young was deeply moved and touched by the honor given by the PHLPost and she would be proud to show her grandparents that now their granddaughter was in the stamps as well. She said her grandparents were stamp collectors.

For this event I had to run here and there just to see what happens. We were told that 50 lucky stamp buyers will have a chance to have their stamps signed by Megan Young. Of course, in most cases words are wind. I winded up going here and there wondering when my stamps will be signed.

Megan went out of the facade to have her picture taken. She posed well and was stunning.

A press conference was held on the third floor of the building for the media. I was one of the lucky few who was able to get past the security.

Again Megan was proud and happy about her face being on the stamp. She said that she was surprised because she taught that the stamp would be boring and simple. Her stamp was more than she expected with even the postmark that she really enjoyed.

Here I am quite lucky to have two FDC's to be signed by Megan Young.

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