Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentines Day celebrations at the Philpost 2014

Without a proper sleep I went to the very early event at the Philpost for Valentines. The place was all in red and people were running here and there, a clear sign that they were not prepared as usual. The marketing department were confusing to look as most of the employees are still not there. 

We arrived with having no idea on what the program or even we should conduct ourselves. We were just fishes transported to a new pond or river just waiting to be taken where the water flows. 

The insides of the Post Office was gleaming with light as all was still dark outside. Umagang Kay Ganda host Winnie Cordero was there to promote the things being offered by the Philpost for Valentines.

There was an exhibit of different stamps that were featured last year as well as the stamps that are just for Valentines.

I hope mails reach their destinations. 

I was also lucky to meet and have the artist for the Valentine's stamp sign some First Day Covers. Her name is Jamia Mae Tolentino from St. Sptephen's High school. This school wins a lot of art contests.

Here are the Mahal kita 2014 Valentine's stamps and First Day Covers.

Jamia's brother have also won a stamp design contest as her mother proudly shows us.

There are many things you can send to your loved ones these and they may include edibles like pastillas flowers that is all over the malls.

Philpost had also a motorcade to make the event more pleasing to the people.

Here is another segment being recorded to be shown during the day.

One thing I noted on this event is how patient the Postmaster General is. She just waited on a bench for things to happen as the camera rolled for TV. Maybe she will become a better politician after staying with the Philpost.

There was also a small breakfast that was prepared for the media and special guests.

I also had a chance to send some valentine's cards and some postcards.

Here are the classmates of Jamia and teacher supporting their talent on her success.

So what are you waiting for? Send some letters, chocolates, postcards, cards on Valentines Day! It's way better than emails and text messages.

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