Thursday, February 27, 2014

New services at the Manila Post Office 2014

After a few hours of sleep I was again at another event at the Philpost for another stamp launch. By the time I stepped into the lobby everything was quite ready. Wow that is some improvement from the last two stamp launches. 

There are exhibits of the latest stamps of 2014 being sold. 

People are busy preparing this and that and making sure everything is OK unlike last time when people don't even have an diea why the hell were they there in the first place.

Everything was in place and the atmosphere is quite lively.

Stage is all set for the program.

Photo booth for the stamps. 

Registration area for guests
They also posted some tarpaulin for the services to be soon offered and launched that day.

The products and services launched were the following: Pinoy e-mall (a place where you can buy stamps online), the PHLPost Mobile App for Social Pension Payout, and the Personalized Stamps.

I really came for the personalized stamps. But I think the other services are OK as well.

The program started with a dance number from a group I don't even know. They said they were famous. I just didn't care. Hip-hop dancing whatever on a launch day, it's cute on the first second but I have no idea why is there even a need for a dance number.

Host Salve Duplito
There were words from a guy who I don't know and of course the Postmaster General Josie dela Cruz. I am glad that finally her dreams of a better service is being pushed after so many years. I have high hopes for the Postmater General but not to the person who handles stamps.

GMA, TV5 and Solar News
The event was covered by GMA, TV5 and even Solar News. I was wondering where ABS-CBN is. Maybe they are covering another Vhong Navarro shit or making stuff up for the news even though their source is really bad or they had to pervert the news.

Here are our special guests with the Postmaster General for the unveiling of the Personalized stamps.

It's like what I was afraid of. The stamp will be a favorrite of jejemons for their selfies. At least the Postmaster Genral does it with some grace still.

Ms. Joise dela Cruz with her Personalized Stamps
They were also and was able to show the media the usage of the PHLPost App and how its to be used on a smartphone.

The Pinoy E-mall is a place where collectors will have an easier time buying stamps. They said they will soon tie up with more paying options for the service. There is also no need to worry of your post getting lost as the stamps are on your way. I had to cross my fingers with these words.

The PHLPost will also allow people to send products easier around the country at a very reasonable price. Now that is really good for business.

Of course there is food and I had a chance to get my personalized stamps as well.

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