Thursday, February 13, 2014

Binondo after the New Year

Another Sunday after the Chinese Year we hit the Bionondo once more. We met at Sta. Cruz Church. 

We have an eager crowd a bit older but eager. We went inside the compound of the Sta.Cruz Church to see the marker for the then Governor General Anda, then off to Escolta. Since our group is older they were able to remember the things they saw in Escolta and compared it to what there is now.

Syvel's Sheo Shop (soon to be demolished?)

Escolta with its pricey cars

American soldier's during the war.

This shy dog once more. 

Calvo building was done in the same manner of architecture as the Regina buliding (not shown here). I sure hate these spaghetti wires all over the place.

The calvo museums shows the bottle, newspaper, magazine, poster, painting, books collections. It also shows how Escolta looked liked during its glorious days.

Old shoe frames(?)
We ate our breakfast at Sincerity at Yuchengco St. The owner was even so kind to be there and welcome the group. The place is clean and serves their food quite well.

Sincerity Restaurant started in 1956.

Bloggers with the owner.
Too bad I didn't get the name of the owner but surely dining in Binondo on a regular weekend is sure better.

The owners are also proud the celebrities that have visited their restaurant. The show pictures and also their autographed plates.

Then off we go the Eng Bee Tin the most popular Chinese bakeshop and know for their ube flavored treats especially the hopia (bakpia).

This year they made a giant niangao or tikoy.

We also dropped by the replica of the Sto. Cristo de Longos. The original is used and stays at the Binondo Church.

Of course Binondo is a place to buy lucky charms and there are stores that offer Feng Shui advices.

Cute lucky cat

Nothing beats having a real cat. 
Our last stop is at Maki Place in Benmavides St. We had some meal and then went our separate ways.

Child participant shows her talent with " All things bright and beautiful." 

See you until the next tour.

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