Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On the atheists of Facebook and forums

A few days ago I got worked up on dealing with some atheists. It was a discussion on a topic of which I forgot because an atheist was insistent that God raped Mary. I being a fair person and is unbiased with anything said that the claim was false since Mary agreed to the conception of Jesus (as stated in her words in the Gospel of Luke) and she was at the marrying age ( according to tradition and some other evidences put by some theologians). The atheist kept on insisting on his argument as a way to devalue the valid point of the Christian which was clearly now lost on putting an argument that is not an argument but just a plain attack on religion.

Many people are now pissed at these kind of atheists who just take memes and Facebook pictures as springboard for their arguments or even use them as a counter argument against the religious people. Instead of dealing with the actual question posted by the religious. Immediately the religious are dismissed as being stupid and ignorant while the atheist claims superiority against everyone who does not agree with his world view.

I admit that I was once like this and is ashamed of it. I think the main source of the anger is just plain ignorance and illusion of superiority since they think and assume that atheists are smarter. That is not true. Some atheists are dumb as fuck while some theist can be splendidly smart.

I as an atheist always say that we also need and understand the other side than rather dismiss it. We need an actual discussion with the people who say they have belief and religion. We need to give answers to their questions and also see their worldview.

Gone is the say of the angry atheist who just wants to wipe religion from the face of the earth.

I recommend this interesting article on Guardian: The one theology book all atheists really should read

The book is: The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss (Hardcover) by David Bentley Hart

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