Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Work

Thursday I started working officially after some days of training during the holidays. I am still with the same people though the company have another new name.

Everything is promising except the fact that we have already started working without even knowing ho much we are getting paid. We moved to another building and this time its better since we don't have to fight for the elevators.

The account is harder than what I am used to but it seems this time the work load will be more stable. The Korean study manager Rachel seems to know what she is doing and is really doing well with everything.

We worked on tables for this week but on Monday we will have our cubicles. And will have an easier time teaching students.

On the first day I made mistakes but I tried my best today not to make one. And I think I did well on my second day.

My co-workers are from another company. They are nice but I think they will soon be gone was compensation is discussed..

Well good luck to me on Monday!

And on Monday these were added...

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