Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Justice is swift but for the famous and can afford it

Time and again Delimaw and the rest of the government can't wait for chance on the latest drama on TV, Facebook and Twitter. It's none other than Vhong Navarro and the story that evolves as fast as the words of the many idiots who watch TV. The story has taken and been taken to level of crime and everyone wants to be the hero.

This news made me really facepalm. Where else can you get justice as fast if you are a celebrity and not even a really talented one to begin with.

Is this where our taxes go? De Lima meets with Vhong Navarro lawyer, manager

Also another idiots comes in to make your facepalm feel like it needs an upgrade: Jinggoy vows justice for 'best friend' Vhong Navarro

source: GMA 7

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