Monday, January 27, 2014

Horticulture 2014 Manila

Once again getting up late, I left things at home especially the SD card of my camera. I also learned as I traveled the MRT that my phone is almost out of battery. 

I need to really either not sleep for early events or just try to drink more water before going to bed. 

I met with three friends at Max's Restaurant. It was quite an early and really cold morning. It was reported that the temperature dipped top 16 degrees. 

We went first to the often neglected places for interesting plants and flowers. 

A sangumay blooms and no one cares. 

King Louis made a wonderful presentation of flowers at the entrance and the whole place is just wonderful. Every exhibit has its featured plant and design. Too bad my almost dying phone can't give justice to the beauty and colors of the event.

There is also a side trip to newly relocated and restored Quezon House. Most of the house were sent here to the final resting place of its owner. Many of the furniture are real but they were only able to save 60% of the house and the size of the house is smaller as well.

The tour inside is FREE and would just welcome some donations. The most interesting part of the house for me are the Machuca tiles.

This is a plant box. I thought it was something else. 

The plant show runs until the February 3, 2014 and is also a great time to haggle prices for plants, ornaments, gardening needs and many more...

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