Tuesday, December 17, 2013

When a bus cannot hammer through the heart

Source: Showbiz Government

Two big news hit the news yesterday; the bus tragedy and the mall robbery. Immediately you will see the priorities here in the Philippines.

The mall robbery gets attention from the Prsident Aquino and the rest of the police and military. It's such a simple crime that the mall itself should be able to handle on their own and yet despite the securities in the mall the robbers were able to do a simple task with just hammers.

How does the police handle such events in the future? They want to ban hammers to be sold in the mall. Smart eh? This is where our taxes are wasted. Well I really don't expect intelligence from the government and the police.

Meanwhile a bus speeds on a highway and kills lots of people. An yet the support needed for the people just travelling is almost non-existent. Maybe they are not as rich as the owners of SM malls.

With the Aquino adminitration, you can only facepalm with everything they do. I also blame the people in here for voting like minded people into government. Idiotic voters vote for incompetent and idiotic leaders.

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