Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The gym and all that is about going to the gym

We Pinoys have almost the same mindset as the the Muricans. We were able to do lots of stiff and yet at the same time ignore the use of the brain. Especially with the rise of social media and the selfie. Tons of people especially those who belong to the LGBT community have all flocked to the gym.

You have seen people post about their gym experience and so forth with also the before, during and after workout pictures. Surprisingly as with the rise of internet cafes. There has been a rise in gyms all over Manila and surrounding areas.

I hate gym people. I think for them like the French as cheaters.

You hate gym's like me? Maybe you are also French. lolz

There are lots of ways people can get healthy like running. And for some weird reason I hate some runners as if running is a special skill for people. There is Yoga and so much more. Even the simple task of taking the stairs.

How about bikes?

Lastly an article in Reuters.

So how about seeing you flex those muscles to help be a good part of civilization and not of the famewhores on Instagram and Facebook.

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