Monday, December 23, 2013

Rosaries and collecting them

Most Catholics I know have more than one rosary they use and some even collect them. Some rosaries can be as simple as knots on a chord, plastic beads in different shapes as well as bejeweled ones.

So yesterday a person working in the Holy land came and gave rosaries, which she sells as part of her business. Oh one thing she is an atheist. I would say its weird to know that an atheist earns some money on selling religious stuff but as other people like Buddhist Chinese selling religious stuff like beads and statues.

The rosary I got has soil from Jerusalem..

Collecting rosaries can be rewarding because there are very interesting rosaries that are just easily available for us Filipinoes. Going thorugh malls, Churches and even that posh Salcedo Sunday Market would even be a place to buy rosaries from the cheap to the really high end blings.

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