Monday, December 2, 2013

How do you go to school?

As an ESL teacher I have always asked this question to students. The responses vary since there are many ways you can go to school.

This morning I saw a school service pick up a neighbor from his house. I was thinking it sucks to be like that. Imagine you have no choice but to go and be cramped an a space with people you barely know. Of course you have have your school service friends but that's not me.

The point is that you have no other choice but to go the way other people want you to. You have no other choice unless you are sick. I am glad I was not put into private school shit. I have the option of taking my adventure to school on my own terms, take public transport and be more acquainted with how I must live the city life.Something I learned well with the public school system.

When I was younger I was bought to school by bike but learning the way I preferred to go alone and walk. Maybe that's the start of my fondness of walking and seeing things around as they happen. You can take a stop, walk fast or walk slowly.

My school is near my home when I was in Elementary. I liked going to school early even way earlier than what is expected.

High school was the beginning of travel for me. I had to take the jeepney to school. I remember the fare was quite cheap that I don't even take the student discount thing, but at my time most student don't even give a damn about discounts like today.

Travel takes time and must always be planned. In this city travelling is unpredictable as the weather. It has its days but is always an adventure.

Education as it goes up goes further away from home and that happened in college. Now I had to take the LRT. The jeepyney ride takes more than 30 minutes too. During the first few months I realized I was not made for quite long travels in the city. I always felt sick but with anything that you do everyday of the week things get normal and you can enjoy the ride more.

Of course there are problems with travel and usually they are caused by other people. But that's another rant for another post.


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