Monday, December 9, 2013

Get Rich from the Financial Market

So without sleep I was worried on going to an event I think is boring. I wasn't able to buy the yarns I need the previous night. I was thinking that if I get bored just knit to keep myself awake.

I arrived early as usual with my good friends from Wazzup Pilipinas. We had the usual chit chat and even talked about the interesting things you can find at the Ortigas Museum especially their Filipiniana books and other stuff. But wait I am here for a thing on the Financial Market.

So first things is to register. I am an early bird and the organizers I say are very professional and warm.

Registration area
After the registration we were given stuff like flyers from some of the sponsors of the event. And there is food as well.

Sample coffee

sample sandwiches
People were given sample snacks to start us with the Market. Let's admit it I have my prejudices about the people who play the game (sorry PUAs not that one). Usually my mind goes George Carlin: Ah those criminal assholes who own everything. But I need to listen and see since this is my first time and we really don't study this in the normal school.

We had two guys who know what they are talking about and how to relate such things to the noobs but at the same time will not bore those who are familiar with the so called Market.

Amar Chadnani and Shyan Lim

This is so much like a crash course on a lot of things about realty, stocks and FOREX. I was trying to be a good sponge listening to Amar and Shyan.

They said a lot of good points that I can share here the rest of the stuff I will leave to the experts to explain.

1. Now an exciting time to start investing.
2. Pinoys are happy people despite not having much.
3. You don't ned to be a boss to be a millionaire
4. You don't need tons of money to start.

and so much more.

All the talk is such over overwhelmingly good that my skepticism arrives like the bullet train. But the thing is I just need to try this out. If these guys can do it then the chance for me to be financially free is probable.

Want to learn and hear from the guys who know how to make the rules eay to understand and at the same time without the drama (You know what I mean).

You can join and sign up for the Philippine Money Expo this 2014.

See the website:

They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks also for our very generous sponsors:

1. Snakim and MUZ - food and facial masks
2. Ritz Food Product Corporation - bisuits and crackers 
3. Finnex Sales International, Inc. - Coffee and brownies 
4. Philam Life - Tan & Associates 
5. AAMI Food - Top Meat - Clubhouse sandwiches 
6. SeriAsia - beauty products, GCs 
7. Harbour Springs Resort and Spa Village - GCs 
8. Clinica Manila - Free check up and GCs

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