Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Booklaunch: Men are from QC women are from Alabang by Stanley Chi

Admittedly we are not a reading culture. Just look at the number of Filipiniana books on the shelves compared to other titles.

So this afternoon PSICOM comes out with another book for the Pinoy market. I like PSICOM for giving a chance for PInoy writers to do what must be done. To write whatever you want and have your fans read them.

This afternoon I am joing friends for Stanley Chi's Men are from QC women are from Alabang. Stanley Chi also known as Mr. Suplado (Mr. Snob) is not even that suplado (snob). He is warm and is personally welcomes guests to his event. I think that is cool, no wonder most of the venue are full of his friends.

His friends performed for him to kick of the event then with some quite interesting games. A bit naughty but at least it tried to be decent.

If you want simple life-hacks that has the hunor as well about life without the too long and intimidating explanations then I suggest you get his book fast.

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