Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So I woke up a bit early and tried to sleep and sleep more. That is just with the fact I wrote postcards until around 5 AM. It's hard for me when I don't have work. I don't have anything to do or anything to complain about. Maybe for me that is the secret of life, making yourself busy with things that are not that even important.

It is also a hard to pretend that I am still working when I am not. So today I pretended to go to work since none on the place I stay in know that I don't have work anymore. So I took a bath and put stuff on my bad as if I am going to work but not really.

First place I have been to was the post office. I put the postcards with the stamps on the box for other countries. I was thinking of getting stamps but I decided to run away before I buy stuff.

I walked in front of the Metropolitan Theater and a guy with a huge box asked me, "Where is the Post Office." I said, "That building (pointing to the building of the Post Office)." People these days need to have Google Map glued to their memories.

I went to SM Manila but I was just passing there to get resumes printed. Just in case. I need a job sooner or later. I bought my favorite Lao po pia and decided to head for SM MAll of Asia.

So I went to buy ticket for the LRT and God it was just like 2 PM. I went out of the house at around 1 PM. It took more than 30 minutes to get on the train because of the tons of students who are going home at that time. I bet they are not even going home.

I took the train going to EDSA because I wanna go to the SM Mall of Asia. I have not been there for a long time. I don't know I just want to go and see the world again. Lately I have developed a hate to see everything ever since I was kicked out of the house.

So getting off a really crowded train at EDSA station and on to a jeep going to the mall. God the heat is like summer once more. I arrived at the mall and the first thing I was Christmas decorations (though they are not yet done) everywhere. I went to Kultura to look for the bird postcard but it seems they are never going to be back so I decided on just a few postcards. It took me ages to buy the postcard because some jerks are like taking ages to but their stuff because they were also asking this and that to the cashiers. I was pissed because it should be quick to just buy a few postcards. By the time I was about to pay I was only asked half. I took my earphones asked why. I was told the postcards are at half the price. At least that took off some of my heat.

I never really go to much places at the mall except bookstores so my next stop was Bookmark. But there was nothing there. I also checked National Bookstore but nothing interesting either. They moved things around and I never like that. I was like lost. BTW, I saw the book 1001 movies you must before you die and it has been updated. But I disagree with the Life of Pi being added. Now I wonder what was taken off and then what else was added. I also saw tons of planners for next year. Yeah 2014 will be here soon. And I am still lost in the 90's.

I wondered more around the mall and everything seems to be in place specially these brands that are like: famewhore me. It took me sometime to remember I needed soap because I gonna run out soon. No more chamomile and jasmin ever... I am going back to peppermint.

Short life hack here: Want to have liquid soap? Shave your favorite bar of soap and then put that on a squirt bottle. Leave for like over night and voila. Liquid soap. Yeah use a 500 ml squirt bottle.

Soon I was walking out of the mall craving to eat my lao po pia. Most of thetime I like to eat while walking. Ever since I worked I always enjoyed eating food that you can eat while walking. Even that noodle that was so famous back then.

Shed a hundred on internet load because I had to have internet somehow as I was to leave the mall. I walked under the heat of the sun like a boss. Because I don't really care about umbrellas and shit like that. I walked along EDSA to savor the smell of Pasay it's stink of urine and cloggged canals and of course the cars. Surely I need to experience this once in a while.

It's kind of a sad fact that condos are rising here and there and the grasses are gicing way to concrete hills. I wonder if ever I can have my very own house. Well I need to try harder on the lottery. But surely here on the bayside buildings are coming up fast. I find that sad.

So I took another train going back to Manila. This time it's about five. Good more people of the rush hour but I am no longer happy with my malling. I got off now at Carriedo station. God I can buy socks since I need new socks like two weeks ago. lolz...

I passed by this mall by the station. I think it's Isetan and I checked for money. Damn I only got around enough to get back by jeep but not enough for three pairs of socks. I checked my bad for my last thousand pesos. It there and I went in the mall.

The entrance was at the second floor and I was just passing by again looking at stuff. I saw those really colored pants that are like WHAT! And I was always I will never wear those unless I am like super sexy and all. then I saw their stationary section before the escalator. My mind went , "Let's see if they have postcards." And damn they have postcards.

The postcards were priced at Php 4.75 each. I bought some of the designs I like but there are some I wasn't able to buy. I will buy them there next time. Maybe after I get my money this Friday.

I was happy when I was able to buy what I want. My trip was god for today.

Some of the Churches of Bohol

Postcards from Isetann

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