Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lupang Hinirang by Joey Ayala

I disagree to many of the points on how the Lupang Hinirang should be sung.

He is saying as if there are no marches in our history of music. Of course there is some but there is also a fact that not most of our song is soft. There is a great variety of rhythm in our music over these 7,107 islands.

Though there is a point with the pronunciation, a proper singing can correct the said mispronunciation. According to a rule I learned pronunciation must be prioritized in singing rather than what the score says. But we all know that not everyone is going to sing in that way.

I find Joey Ayalas points quite weak in comparison to how the Nationa Anthem should be sung as required by the law. I bet the Philippine Madrigal singers will never sing a song in any other way. Like the way we were taught at PNU on how the song should be sung.

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