Thursday, November 28, 2013

If Pinoys are to celebrate Thanksgiving

Just a sample of what you can expect at a Pinoy Fiesta

Honestly we Pinoys celebrate Thanksgiving, it's called the fiesta. For me Thanksgiving is just a family dinner with lots of food. That's boring to a person who is used to hearing about fiestas all year round.

The main stay of the Americn feast is the Turkey. It's a big chicken cooked the same way as whole chicken is, fried, on the oven etc. For Pinoys we have the Lechon (Roasted pig cooked on an open pit. I think Pinoys will be bored to death over the foods Americans eat during their favorite holiday.

America may have tons of foods we don't have here in the Philippines. But the same goes for us, we have far greater food than Americans do. The sweets provided by an American lifestyle holds not a candle to the rice cakes we have. And those are just like a little part of the feast.

Well, as a Pinoy I say, fuck Thanksgiving and give me a fiesta.

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