Thursday, October 31, 2013

The final day

Last Hooray?!
So here goes nothing! My last day at work, here at my roach infested station despite all the roach powder shit and no matter how much shit I clean. I have cleaned my station of anything to be left since months ago. I only have a mug and a knitted washcloth on my station. I have taken all my files from the computer and soon will be backing up the rest on my email.

I have tried my best all these time and kind of enjoyed the privilege with this small company  no matter how hard things have gone. Soon no one will ever remember that I stayed on a company like this. Adance Engish Hub from Makati moved into Ortigas and went from one name to another, Lustem Inc. Then it got busted and we had to be Basol Computer Services.

This is the life just to have Facebook all the time. See you again soon on my next update!

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