Friday, October 4, 2013

Stamps are not just paper!

I read a post by Carlos Celdran on Facebook and I was like furious. How can the Philpost just give away stamps just like that and the same goes with Carlos Celdran. Some people might just roll their eyes and say, its not important. Well stamps are important and I don't want to see our stamps in private collections. They should be enjoyed and appreciated by all Pinoys.

Here is the post of Carlos Celdran:

Dear National Museum, Ayala Foundation, Lopez Museum, ANYONE. The Manila Post Office collection of rare Philippine Stamps and memorabilia is under threat. Theyhave no means to store them properly and they are in a damp store room in the building next to the Post Office parking lot in Lawton. CAN YOU GUYS HELP? They are more than willing to let go of this collection to any Philippine agency willing to care for it and display to the PUBLIC. Please contact me, Carlos - here on facebook if you want to get in touch with Arlene of the Manila Post Office. (We will visit the Post Office on tomorrow's 930am tour.)

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