Saturday, October 19, 2013

Overtone singing of Lalah Hathaway

A post from a Facebook friend of mine shared a link about a person singing in chords and I was like, that is interesting. So opened the link and looked into the idea of overtone singing or singing in chords. It's such a refreshing feeling to hear the voice of Lalah Hathaway singing, "Someone" compared to the endless songs I hear from Beyonce as if singing is just about hitting high notes and screaming all the time.

Reading about overtone singing on Wikipedia I have found out that it's not even a new thing but has been done for a long time almost by many native and indigenous cultures. I bet some indigenous people in here have the same abilities as well.

So here she is and prepare yourself to be blown at around 6:10.

Now I am looking for her albums. Yehey!

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