Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No more monsters and stuff says the Church

Source: CBCP website

Source: CBCP website
It's been years since the Catholic Church in the Philippines started to wage war over Halloween, a celebration that came into life because of their so called All Saint's and All Soul's Day.

They have been asking people not to dress up as monsters, demons or whatever they want. They want to promote the saints as models for a new kind of cosplay. I have done a good deal of cosplay when I was with the Filipino Freethinkers and it is indeed fun when done well.

But honestly most Halloween parties do make me cringe because I also see adults dressing up as anything they want to be. It's not even cute. I find these people utterly disgusting like most of the cosplayers during animation conventions here in Manila.

So what should people be dressing up instead? The Church said it should be saints since we are celebrating Saints Day. And indeed there are tons of interesting saints you can dress up with. Yes most people think of saints as boring as priests of today. People who think this way needs to learn more about saints.

There is this wonderful article on the Filipino Freethinkers site about that: How to Celebrate Halloween the Christian Way.

See most of them are actually bad-ass and maybe a bit more scary than your imagined monsters.

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