Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dear Mom (For famewhores of another kind)

Dear Mothers,

I know your love your kid and is proud that you were able to endure carrying your kid for 9 months and having the most excruciating pain of labor. But please let your child grow into a better person with lots of real love.

You may need to bring them to work at times because of certain circumstances but they are not gadgets you need to display and to let people poke with their fingers. The kid may need to socialize but your kid is not an animal (even animals) that need to be respected and not treated as things you need for show and tell.

We all know that not all people who smile and say nice things are speaking and telling things to your children. We live in a civilized culture where there are social contracts that needs to be followed. I know we are in the Philippines but if you teach your child the meaning of the word by action then people will know you have raised your child well.

Please do not bring your child to work if you know that people will be noisy and all. Work is for work and not a petting zoo or a play pen, though that would be nice but please I know what I am saying.

Love is not an excuse to put your children to shame or even use them for your own purpose and self gratification.

Thank you!

Annoyed co-employee

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